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Hey guys! So I thought that today I should post about makeup, since many of you say that you struggle to find good eye makeup products. I remember that I used to struggle a lot with that too. Every time I went to the store I would go and buy a new mascara or a new concealer, etc. I definitely spent a lot of money on things that did not work for me. To save you guys some money,I came up with a small list of the 5 best eye makeup products/tools out there currently and the best part is that they're not that expensive- except for the M.A.C. mascara...but hey it works so why not?
  1. E.l.f. small angled brush - It does its job! Usually gel eyeliner creams come with their own brush like the one in No.3  but sometimes those brushes get damaged and messy too quick! I went to my local Walmart and saw this for $3. $3?!? Say no more. I bought it to try it out and boy... It's perfect! This brush can be used with gel eyeliner creams and also for many other things! I'll tell you guys about that later but for now trust me... this is a good brush to buy.
  2. E.l.f. Cover Everything Concealer - For the past year, I have used this concealer.. I haven't found anything like it yet. If you get the right shade, this concealer will do what it's supposed to do. It's only $2 and you could find it at most stores like Target and Walmart. I'll warn you though, if you have sensitive skin, be careful of how much concealer you use.
  3. Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner - If you're interested in using gel eyeliner, I strongly recommend this one! The colors are beautiful and It doesn't chip or come off like other liners do. I used to use liquid eyeliner but i noticed that it looked too shiny so I switched to this eyeliner instead. The brush that comes with it is good too- but once you get used to it, I suggest that you should buy the E.l.f. brush. This eyeliner is $10 at Ulta but you could find it cheaper in Target or Walmart.
  4. Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer- This is something I bought a month ago since I couldn't find the E.l.f. concealer and it works pretty well. You brush on the concealer with this product and I haven't found any flaw in it so far. It's $8 at Ulta.
  5. M.A.C. Zoom Fast Black Lash - I have been using this mascara since 4 years ago (Yeah it's been a while). Honestly, I've alternated between this mascara and many others I bought, just to see the difference. Overall, this one makes your lashes look long and nice. It helps your eye pop out. M.A.C. is always a trustworthy brand so this should be obvious haha. At the M.A.C. store, this mascara costs $17. Not too bad. It's worth the buck!
This is how the Maybelline Gel Eyeliner, Concealer, and that M.A.C. mascara look. If I could fins some more light so guys could see it more clearly I would have :(. Maybe next time :) ! - Sin
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Hey guys! So I went to Ulta today and I found these amazing little lip creams by Nyx and well... I was in love! It's the Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream. They cost like $6 so they won't put a hole in your pocket at all (unless you want to get the Transylvania and Copenhagen shades which are like $20 online since they're rare). They're softer than other lip products of course and the shade is right on point. 

The shades i bought are San Paulo and Monte Carlo. Wear them on a night out with that special someone or just when you feel like looking fierce (;.These are perfect for Valentine's Day. Below I posted some pics of how they look. I recommend putting on lip balm BEFORE applying it. Never put it on after because it will just ruin the whole "Soft Matte" look. You could buy Nyx products on their website (down below), Target, Ulta, and many other shops.  Top: San Paulo. Bottom: Monte Carlo